We measure the success of our projects in terms of quality, meeting schedules, and staying on budget.

We offer a variety of services and delivery methods to our clients.


The most critical part of the entire construction process.


The designing and planning phase of the project is the perfect opportunity to control future costs and ensure predictable and effective project delivery.

Budgeting and Estimating

Offering many levels of service, we work with architects/consultants to provide construction management as well as consulting services, delivering cost-analysis and technology expertise to better serve clients.  We also work with clients and owners providing turn-key solutions bringing together a multi-disciplined, integrated project delivery (IPD) team of architects, engineers, and contractors.  As a collective team, we help our clients reduce waste and costs through a mutual responsibility to deliver projects on time, on budget, with no surprises, ensuring that project goals are exceeded.


Virtual Design / Building Information Modeling (BIM)


The company’s executive team are entrepreneurial visionaries, with an eye for opportunity. As a team, we are committed to growth and sustainable expansion, environmental beauty, and sustainable living for future generations. Prica Group delivers on its promise to create enduring value for its clients and investors.




When our clients have a strong desire to go green but do not have the budgets to allow for a LEED designation, we can identify sustainable and energy efficient design opportunities that can be supported by the owner’s budget. We have implemented many sustainable building strategies through years of experience.

Choosing the right delivery method for your project is critical to meeting your project objectives.


We specialize in multiple delivery methods, from traditional plans and specifications to complex, turn-key construction solutions. We work with owners directly, collaborate with their chosen architect and subcontractors, or bring together a team to deliver turn-key construction management solutions. As a team we help owners reduce waste and costs through a mutual responsibility to deliver projects on time and on budget.

TRADITIONAL | General Contracting

Under this delivery method, we provide the traditional general contracting service and work very closely with our client and their architect to ensure that our client’s project is constructed exactly the way it was intended.   We maintain strong relationships with the local subcontracting community committed to delivering projects on time, within budget and in accordance with the owner’s requirements. Ask us about the Open Book Prica Guarantee.


INTEGRATED | Design-Build


Under the Design-Build delivery method, Prica Group and the architect work as an integrated team to deliver the client’s concept or vision. The design-build team then develops drawings that will fulfil the client’s criteria and provides the client with a guaranteed maximum price offering the highest-quality project with the largest achievable number of desired features. The design-build team receives proposals from subcontractors and assumes responsibility for project delivery.


TURN-KEY | Integrated Project Delivery (IPD)


Under the IPD delivery method, we provide you a turn-key solution bringing together our own delivery team of experts, systems, business practices to collaboratively benefit from the talents and insights of all team members. This method optimizes delivery results, increases value to the owner, reduces waste, and maximizes efficiency through all phases of building project. Team-wide use of technology is integral to the implementation of IPD. Building Information Modeling (BIM) centralizes data collection and sharing, and gain efficiencies to the project. Ask us about the Open Book Prica Guarantee.





Eliminate preventable complications.


In order to provide owners with the best service, Prica Group can oversee the completion of post-construction documentation for buildings, systems and materials after a project is delivered.